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The Big Five

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LEGRAND intercom products. Previously known as TEGUI, this Spanish range of intercoms has established worldwide a reputation of being superbly engineered and offering the highest quality and performance.

LEGRAND offer a comprehensive range of intercom systems from basic 1 to 1 household kits to large apartment or video systems.

2006 marked the launch of the SERIES 7 audio entry panel in Southern Africa and presented to the market a system which offers pure quality at your fingertips.

Slender, stylish, skilfully contoured, robust and durable, quite simply it’s perfect.

The all-weather call buttons combined with aluminium facia ensure a long lasting product suitable for both inland and coastal conditions.

Long lasting, high efficiency diodes light up the call button labels improving usability in dark conditions.

Operating off a 12V AC/DC power supply, the entry panel can be connected directly to a 12V gate motor with battery back-up, not only simplifying installation but also providing power failure protection.

The panel hinges open for convenience and the high quality connectors allow easy and reliable termination of all wiring to the panel.

The LEGRAND Series 7 system is fully expandable. The modular design allows configuration of entry panels with any number of call buttons in even number increments.

Each call button can be connected to four handsets.

The SERIES 7 handset with contemporary styling and ergonomic feel confirms the superior quality of the product. The handpiece is available in white, charcoal and blue. Besides complimenting almost any interior, the darker colours are very practical in high usage areas as the handpiece is less likely to show fingerprint marks.

The superior voice quality of the LEGRAND intercom system allows you to identify your visitor with confidence before letting them into your property.

Use the convenient gate/door release pushbutton on the handset to operate the entrance gate or front door lock.  An extra pushbutton is provided as standard on each handset to operate an auxiliary function on the gate operator or switch a light outside the front door


Centurion POLO Phone

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POLO Phone

Presenting an intercom system with a unique style, outstanding features and excellent value for money.

The design of the polophone handset is state of the art. The hole in the center of the hand piece allows it to clip over the cradle and merge smoothly into one compact unit.

With the hand piece remaining in position, the hole in the hand piece exposes the buttons on the face of the cradle allowing operation of the gate / door release and any auxiliary features.

Each phone can independently operate the door lock or gate motor linked to each entry panel. Each phone has a further auxiliary push button to operate an extra facility at the gate/door entrance (pedestrian opening)

or switch on a light outside. Finally a small window has been provided in the face of the phone cradle to accommodate a status indicator light (LED) that can be connected to the gate operator or entrance door.

The versatility and expandability of the polo-phone is exceptional. From a basic one to one kit for the average home, components can be very simply added to the system to expand it into an ideal unit for large houses or small office installations.

The polophone system can be expanded to include 5 components as follows:
•    Up to two entry panels
•    Each entry panel fitted with one or two call buttons
•    Each call button rings a group of phones
Two groups of phones
•    Up to three phones per group
•    Intercommunication between the groups of phones
This degree of expandability is typically only available with much larger and more expensive systems.

The polo-phone system could not be simpler to install using a 2-Wire bus throughout. Connect entry panels and phones to any point on this bus and the system is up and running. Added to this, the system only

requires a low current 12V DC supply that can be connected to either the entry panel or any phone in the system whichever is the most convenient.

To enhance the reliability of the system substantial protection circuitry has been incorporated into both the electronics of the phone and entry panel to guard against lightning and electrical surges.

The clever design of the polophone that includes molded components, the ability to connect to an external 12V DC supply and optimised electronics has resulted in a very affordable product.

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polophone kits

polophone kits

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