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Centurion Rolling Code Remote Controls

Posted by admin On February - 2 - 2009
Centurion Remote Control

Centurion Rolling Code Remote Controls

Centurion Rolling Code Remote Controls:

The NOVA system incorporates code hopping technology to offer the ultimate security in a remote control. A unique randomly changing code is transmitted with each operation making it impossible to duplicate the system.
The new CENTURION remote is available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons.
The novel design allows quick and easy access, without undoing any screws to either set the code or replace the battery.
The CENTURION remote is compact enough to be put onto a key-ring or using the standard clip provided slipped onto a trouser belt or vehicle sun visor.
Whether operated hanging from the keys in the vehicle ignition or with a bunch of keys in the hand or simply by itself, the CENTURION remote is comfortable to use. The body of the remote can be rotated in it’s clip so that the buttons are best positioned to suit the way in which the remote is held.



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